Thursday, January 18, 2007

Bomb Them Happy In the Meantime 

It is a wonder of our age that the moment the US or its allies or proxies start bombarding dissident troublemakers, up fly an array of passports and identity papers to show that these are the terrorists that they've been looking for in connection with this or that. And then out comes a video with some bearded loon declaring Jihad against all manner of isms. But then we mustn't underestimate the powers of precision bombing.

So it is now the turn of the Somalis to be branded al-Qaeda terrorists, and who has been enlisted in this fight against the new terrorists? Why, step forward the man with the tinpot hat Meles Zenawi of Ethiopia, as corrupt as any dictator can be but ever willing to bomb any number of peasants in those arid lands of Somalia for a barrel of dollars or two. In the meantime, with bodies torn asunder and homes ravaged and burnt, where are those turbaned terrorists and their precious passports? Why, they're still holding on to them of course, just in case they're needed when they cross the border into a neighbouring state where they will continue to fight.

I told you these men are dangerous, so the US and the Ethiopians and the Israelis even will have to stay the while in Somalia just in case they return.

Meantime, Somali warlord Abdullahi Yusuf has declared that the US the right to bomb anyone. Or something to that effect.

Abdullahi Yusuf? Hmm, er yes, he was once the warlord in that humiliating Black Hawk Down incident in Somalia wasn't he, killed US soldiers and dragged their bodies across town? But he may be a sonofabitch, but he's our sonofabitch now.

Let's recap why the Islamists were so popular in Somalia in spite of what you've read or heard in the media. They brought order to the land torn apart by the corruption of greedy warlords like Yusuf and put a stop to those nefarious activities of those brigands. But being Islamists of course that's a bad name, but they're Muslims in Somalia, and if the Somalians wish to be ruled by men with turbans and are happy with them surely it's their business for goodness' sake. But the popularity of these men were a threat to the States, and Ethiopia, and everyone else in the coalition against this kind of thing because Islam equals terrorism, don't you understand?

It's interesting: a nation that's occupying a large tract of Somalia, the Ogaden, is now there in Mogadishu as a liberating force. And in the meanwhile those Eritreans are still smarting from the liberating force of Ethiopians in recent times. So there's a new chapter there in the deserts, be on the lookout then for those video productions on al-Jazeera which is the coalition of the righteous' main medium of instruction.


Bomb Them Happy In the Meantime

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