Saturday, December 24, 2005

Book Of The Blessed 

As Bethlehelm lies under siege and the world half submerged in the hothouse of New World Orderism, what more can you expect for the new year?

We're just five years into the millennium and already planes are busy transporting sensory-deprived men in ghost planes for extraordinary-rendition. Extraordinary-rendition, whatever will they think of next. Here, dictator so-and-so, extreme renderer and torturer to boot, sign here on the dotted line:
"I hereby promise on my mother's honour not to torture any of these hooded men that arrived in those unmarked planes that landed with a bump in the night, whom I shall put immediately into the dark."
And so, blessed be the Wall makers for they will bring peace to the land of Zion; and blessed be the Independent Contractors for they are making shekels in Eye-raq; and blessed be the little fire that's burning in the Bush.

And blessed are those who follow the true path of Liberalisation around the globe, and the Chinese who make good for a pittance to keep the wheels of commerce turning, and the Thais in their factories and the Jamaicans and all who dwell in the land of Pitt-tance for they shall enrich the earth. And blessed all those whose debts we're writing off but not yet. Please make sure they let us in first and open their amenities to our global reach.

And blessed be Blair (and his lovely wife though she sometimes speaketh too openly and charges too much); and blessed be Berlusconi to his transplanted roots. And blessed be Hungry and the Proles and all in New Europe who are all bright eyed and Bushy tailed. And blessed be the Blessers and all the Known Knowns and Known Unknowns and Unknown Unknowns, and as for all the rest, may the Rumsfeld be on their houses and the Wolfowitzes at their doors.

And so they scaled the Walls and arrived in Bethlehelm, three wise men from the West, on their high horses and their bags fiull of swag, and they're named WTO and IMF and the World Bank of the West.

And lo and behold, there shall be taken a piece of the earth!

Book Of The Blessed

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